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Outdoor Adventures on Martha's Vineyard: An Interview with Mindy Todd

A sink full of squid: Living with a fisherman in no walk in the park.

I spent more than two decades as a reporter asking the questions. Today, I was on the other side of the table. Thankfully, I did not have to discuss any of the pressing controversies of the day. I only had to talk about my new book, Martha's Vineyard Outdoors, Fishing, Hunting and Avoiding Divorce on a Small Island, with WCAI's Mindy Todd, the genial host of The Point, the award winning public affairs program broadcast four mornings a week on the local Cape and Islands NPR station.

What could be easier? I just had to avoid putting my foot in my mouth and keep the wise-guy remarks to a minimum — not so easy for a Dorchester guy. But after writing a fishing column for 26 years I have plenty of stories about what it is like to live with a fisherman who fills the kitchen sink with squid.

The one topic I ought to have spoken about is the help I received. I benefitted greatly from the support and editing skills of Doug Cabral, and the numerous proofreaders it was my good luck to work with over 26 years.

I am told the interview went well. If you care to listen, here is a link to a podcast:

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